Total Deals User: 20 Total Spent: $125.65 Total Saved: $123.15 This all started on a whim. I hadn’t opened the ScoutMob application in quite a while so I started browsing the current deals. We… Continue reading

Deal #20: Finale

Deal: 50% off Ai Tunes Karaoke Time: 11:11 PM Spent: $10.00 Saved: $10.00 I stinking love karaoke. I’m not an incredible singer, but it’s just so much fun. It was great to have some friends… Continue reading

Deal #19: Home Stretch

Deal: 50% off Yogli Mogli Time: 10:08 PM Spent: $2.01 Saved: $1.86 Frozen yogurt is a regular desert for us when we decide to get some. Yogli is a household favorite and this didn’t disappoint… Continue reading

Deal #18: Second Dinner

Deal: 100% off Vinny’s New York Pizza Time: 9:52 PM Spent: $2.48 Saved: $2.80 If you know me at all, you’ll know that one cheesesteak probably isn’t enough food for a normal Charlie dinner. So… Continue reading

Deal #17: Say Cheese

Deal: 50% off Woody’s Cheesesteaks Time: 9:27 PM Spent: $4.41 Saved: $4.08 It had been a long day and it was time for real food. I’ve driven by Woody’s literally a million times and always… Continue reading

Deal #16: Celebration Drink

Deal: 50% off The Corner Pub Time: 8:34 PM Spent: $10.41 Saved: $9.63 After breaking the record, it was time for a celebratory drink with some friends before heading out to dinner. A turn around… Continue reading

Deal #15: Nuts

Deal: 50% off Greene’s Fine Foods Time: 8:20 PM Spent: $7.76 Saved: $7.18 And we have a new record! In all honesty, I had no idea this place existed until surfing ScoutMob. Decatur is just… Continue reading

Deal #14: OMG

Deal: 50% off OMG Cups & Cakes Time: 7:46 PM Spent: $2.92 Saved: $2.70 This one tied the record. I’ve been hanging out in EAV almost every week playing trivia just down the street from… Continue reading

Deal #13: Silence Your Phone

Deal: 100% off Videodrome Time: 5:49 PM Spent: $0.00 Saved: $3.78 When I was taking film classes in college, I think 4 total, Videodrome was one of the two places (the other being Moves Worth… Continue reading

Deal #12: More Shopping

Deal: 50% off The Lucky Exchange Time: 5:32 PM Spent: $16.19 Saved: $14.99 Amanda enjoys going to places like Platos Closet and Goodwill to hunt for stuff, so I figured that a place she mentioned… Continue reading